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Lochinver Scotland

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Welcome to the Lochinver Guest Book. Below you can read messages left by previous visitors. If you haven't done so already, please leave a message of your own.

Lochinver Guestbook

About the Lochinver Guestbook

This is our new guestbook, through which we wish to link all those from Lochinver, Assynt and the North West who are now spread worldwide, and those who care about them. Entries can be in English or Gaelic. The site is pre-moderated, so your message will not appear instantly. Normally next day, Gaelic speaker being available. ... [more]


From Assynt to Nova Scotia in 1884

14 Country: Canada Enquiry: My great grandparents John Kerr and Janet (Jessie) Matheson came from Assynt in 1884 to N.S. John's parents were Alexander Kerr ( b 1822- 1900) and Catharine (Christy) MacLeod. Jessie's parents were William Matherson and Mary MacLeod. William was born in 1810 in Lairg. Mary was born around 1827 in Assynt. William and Mary had the following children: Mary ... [more]


Yvonne Hawker - Can you Help?

13 The Maclaurin Gallery in Ayr is hosting a retrospective of the work of Yvonne Hawker a former resident of Lochinver. We are trying to trace pictures in private or public hands. Yvonne died in 2001. If you can help at all , please contact me. Many Thanks. Dianne Gardner Email: dianneagardner@gmail.com ... [more]


Rev William Scobie of Lochinver

12 Country: USA Hello, My maternal 4 or 5X Great Grandfather was, in the first half of the 1700s, the pastoral representative of the the Church of Scotland in Assynt. His name was Reverend William Scobie. If you have any record of the gentleman I would appreciate a response. Thank You By the way, I google map viewed the Church; its beautiful! Gregory M Klein Email: Goodcada ... [more]


A Stoer Enquires about Stoer

11 Country: USA Enquiry: Would love to hear from anyone who knows the history of Village of Stoer, particularly the history of how and for whom it was named. From the photos I've seen the area is particularly striking in its beauty. Perhaps my wife and I'll be able to visit before long. Best regards, Erik Stoer Name: Erik H. Stoer Email: estoer@cox.net Phone: 1 850 897 2316 ... [more]


Lauder to Lauder

10 Country: San Diego, California, USA Comments: Hello All, I'd love to visit someday. My brother has done a good amount of research to trace our line to Andrew Lauder born in Lauder, Scotland in 1748. Take care. Donald Edward Lauder ... [more]


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Lochinver Guestbook