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Lochinver Scotland

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Information on the village of Lochinver in Scotland.

Altnabradan Old Mill

Entrance to Altnabradan Old Mill

(NC 058259).
This ruined mill, situated on a fast flowing burn, close to the sea, was in use until the late 1800's. Locals took their oats there to be milled, with the miller retaining a share as his payment for carrying out the work - the normal practice with millers. All that remains now is the outside wall of the mill structure and the remains of the sluice. Two millstones, thought to have been hewn from Suilven stone, and found nearby, have been brought to the site.

Ruins of Altnabradan Old Mill

Access to the site is easiest from the car parking area at the entrance to the Cathair Dubh Chalet site. Walking along the road to the chalets, you join the coastal walk from Achmelvich going north. The footpath to the mill, which is clearly marked, has some very steep steps down to the burnside from the hill.

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