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Lochinver Scotland

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Information on the village of Lochinver in Scotland.

Inverkirkaig and Falls of Kirkaig

The name comes from a combination of Norse and Gaelic - kirkaig comes from "Kirkju-vik" meaning church bay or inlet and "inbhir" meaning confluence or mouth of. So this gives a clue that at some time there was a religious settlement about which the vikings knew.

Loch Kirkaig is a sheltered inlet but with a stony beach rather than picnic-on sand.

The settlement, Inverkirkaig (NC 075200), comprises a growing group of houses, chalets for let, and further along the road the car park from which the walk to the Falls of Kirkaig starts.

The walk follows the path alongside the River Kirkaig, initially through ancient woodland of birch, rowan, hazel and aspen, before it comes out onto the open moorland. The wild life along the way is a combination of riverside and moorland, with dippers, wagtails and sandpipers rubbing shoulders with dunlin and greenshank.

About 2 miles up the track are the Falls (NC 111179) - some 60 feet high which plummet into a pool below. Climbing down is essential for the best views, but it can be very slippy.

Continuing on, past the Falls, is one route into Suilven, but not for the unprepared or unwary.

The track can be muddy in places so sensible footwear is essential, as are waterproofs - the weather changes in a second up here.

At the start, or end of the walk, when you have returned to the Car Park, you will find the excellent Achins Bookshop and Coffee Shop, which provides a haven for the visitor, no matter the weather.

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